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Kamming Luthier dedicação e amor ao instrumento musical. A arte criada na oficina da Luthieria Kamming, onde a madeira bruta se transforma em música. Thiago Kamming #arte #kammingluthier #luthieria #feitoamao #handmade #desde1997

Dr. Brian May and Kamming Luthier, the guitar that I fabricated handmade praised by the master Brian May. Very happy and now I'm tattooed on my arm and guitar with his autograph. I am very happy to show you my work. Thank you for viewing my work. Thiago Kamming,

Thank Fabio tattoo Esteio! The autographs of the band Queen are now for all my life in the skin, high aa meat by phenomenal play their strokes. Thank you Alan Brocky by photographic records, turning dreams into memories for eternal life photo that crosses generations. Thank you for your compliments Brian May guitar that fabricated... Continuar Lendo →

Dr. Brian May, his brand is engraved on my skin forever and also on guitar fabricated by hand, dreaming for years to find and hear her words touched me and will be forever in my life. Dr. Brian May, sua marca esta gravada em minha pele para sempre e tambem na guitarra que fabriquei a... Continuar Lendo →

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